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Spider Sculpt

So far with my creature sculpts, I started to notice a trend in my work, that I was getting too comfortable with a particular leg style, or method of doing arms/hands, and I wanted to challenge myself, and go in a completely different direction to what I normally would, so what better way, than sculpting something I am absolutely terrified of. Yes, I have Arachnophobia, and yes I made a spider sculpt. While I found it very difficult to look at references for this sculpt, I did also happen top base some of the design elements on one of my favorite creature designs, being the Spider Gremlin from 'Gremlins 2: New Batch', so I could happily use the scale figure I had as a tactile reference for various anatomical details to certain extents, yet finishing off and giving the final push to the aesthetic by using some real spider references. Overall, I'm really happy with the outcome of this sculpt, I set out to make something that was out of my comfort zone, and oh boy did I achieve that. The skills and techniques I learnt on the way have been really beneficial to my current works, and this sculpt has definitely sparked some good inspiration of further different sculpts I am planning to work on next.