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Mr. Fredricks

Earlier this year, I had done some work in a group production, making a LoFi style human sculpt, as well as a fantasy style wolf. After working on these sculpts, and having not done many human sculpts before, I decided to give it another go, yet pout my weird and crooked twist on the concept, to make a snarly and grotesque old man. I started off by looking at the proportions of some Tim Burton characters as a base, and then taking some Inspiration from characters such as Grunkle Stan from 'Gravity Falls', and Horace Nebbercracker from 'Monster House', but most of my references came form a few family members. Throughout the process of this sculpt, I wanted to focus on some particular features, that in stylized ways, can really communicate a gross and unsettling character. With this, I added some bubbly rashes over his body, gave him a large crooked and hunched back, some accentuated facial pours, as well as a large and deep frown. I also wanted to play around with some Fibers effects in ZBrush, to give Mr. Fredricks his overgrown ear and nose hair, to give him a more exaugurated aged feel. I'm pretty happy with the turnout of this sculpt, considering I chose to limit myself to one hour of sculpting for this character, and then half an hour of texturing, just to test how my workflow and skill has developed over the year, I'm pretty happy with my miserable, grumpy and gross old man.